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Duplicate yourself, life-sized !
(or your friends, loved ones, colleagues, ...)


It's easy:

You send us the picture

We do everything else

 (You don't have the picture? Click here)

Starting at only 69,95 euro !

For your party, wedding, of simply as a unique present. 

But also for professional objectives: marketing, trade fairs, expositions, ...

YouDisplay Budget YouDisplay Professional YouDisplay Double
79,95 euro 129,95 euro 159,95 euro
max 80x190cm max 95x195cm max 115x215cm
7mm cardboard 7mm fortified cardboard 7mm fortified cardboard
standard full color print premium durable full color print premium durable full color print
+/- 750 gr +/- 1,25 kg +/- 1,85 kg
standard carton easel refoldable extra strong easel refoldable extra strong easel
must be complete person no limitation no limitation

(all differences between Budget and Pro display + photos - click here )

Do you need to buy a life size photo? When looking for a cardboard standee or life size cutout, YouDisplay is the expert. It takes only a few simple steps to provide you with a life size reproduction ( also known as lifesizer ) custom made for you. The cutout stand is delivered with an easel. You can use the life size standee for personal use as well as eye catcher on your expo stand. We guarantee you'll be satisfied with the photo standee we supply for your commercial display purposes!